Philly’s Underground Global Warming Contribution

Eye-opening report from NPR’s State Impact:

In fact, a methane leak’s warming impact over the next 20 years could be 84 times that of carbon dioxide, according to several estimates. And methane, which makes up the main component of natural gas, has been pouring out of cracks in our sidewalks and streets from those leaky pipes for decades.

But nobody knows how much. Pennsylvania’s Climate Impacts Assessment, published in October 2013, never mentions methane emissions from distribution lines. And there are no state, federal or local regulations on methane emissions.

Long/ Live/ Stephen Colbert

This is article is this-blog meta and Colbert-meta. Meta^2.

Colbert is not against scoring a political point or two, but the focus is always the comedy and the performance. Colbert has spoken about wearing his “Stephen Colbert character” “as lightly as a cap;” “you can take them on and off as you need.” When the cap came off, as it increasingly did, you saw the real Colbert. This lightness led to less heavy-handed statements and more quiet, lovely little moments, while still allowing for plenty of the show’s signature “we’re all in on the meta-joke” moments. (It was perfect that President Obama’s only live appearance on the show had him speaking as Colbert’s character—a President playing a person playing a fake character—and we all got it.)

Stephen Colbert Is Dead. Long Live Stephen Colbert {bloomberg}.

Via {daring fireball}.

Hey I Made These

Latest version of the kitchen & food newsletter I write just launched. It’s inspired by holiday children’s books… all the headlines rhyme and each section has a Christmas story attached to it.

We’re also doing a Christmas countdown calendar, and that was a lot of fun. Each day from Dec. 1–25 has 3 different messages: a preview message, a message for each day, and a message for after that day has passed.