Chris Hedges is a Buzz Kill

But it’s a buzz that badly needs killing.

Hedges, in his weekly Truthdig column, consistently unpacks the blind optimism that our media imbues upon issues like global warming, labor exploitation, war, healthcare and our politician’s (lack of) ability to do anything about them.

Mr. Hedges tells me what the darker side of my conscious knows: we are screwed. The part I love and hate about his telling-it-like-it-is-ness is how he relunctantly reminds us there’s nothing we can do about it. We’re haplessly trolling around, buying this and buying that, and nobody cares. We can buy all the organic produce we want, but China’s still going to “double their carbon emissions by 2030, from a little over 5 billion metric tons to just under 12 billion.”

Part of me wishes we would be more serious; the other part wants to sit back and make the most of it. We humans can’t deal with too much bad news, but we’ve been conditioned into thinking there’s “something YOU can do” for so long that our sense of reality is dangerously out of whack. I think Chris Hedges’ columns are demoralizing, but if the shoes fit, lace ’em up.

{Inspired by this week’s column: Calling All Future Eaters}