Revolving Resolutions

newbike copy

I’ve been putting off a badly needed repair on my bicycle for at least a year. It clicked, more-or-less constantly, whenever I pedaled. Not to mention that the freewheel was loose as hell.

I took it to Bicycle Revolutions, a shop whose boutique carries my bike shirts. For a reasonable fee, I got a new cog, free-wheel, chain, and an extra pair of brake pads. She’s (yes, she) is completely silent now; she doesn’t even make that pleasing bicycle click most do when they’re coasting. I hadn’t even realized how unresponsive she had gotten. It’s like a totally new bike, and that’s my resolution and my advice to you: Get those small annoyances fixed fast, because it’s likely indicative of a larger problem, and getting it fixed will make all your rides better.