On Wishlists and Save for Laters

I just realized that I don’t like any of the albums on my emusic “saved for later” list and that I put them on there because I thought I should. I’ll never re-download Pedro the Lion’s “Control” because the bitrate of the version I have is too low and it sounds all trickly. I’m never going to like a band called “Enon.” Who the heck is “Kitty, Daisy & Lewis,” anyway?  I don’t need the complete discography of Ella Fitzgerald. It was a touching to add it right after she died, but come on now, fifty songs by her is more than enough. You just hit a certain threshold — somewhere between fifty and seventy-five — where the songs all sound alike. And seriously, the Grizzly Bear record from 2009? 2010 is almost over!

Have you ever taken stock of a part of your life and realized that none of is what you picked or what you truly wanted, just what other people told you was good or said you should want? Or at the very least, you have way too many lists and the sheer quantity of them disables you from moving?