A Great Recipe Finder

Epicurious is my go-to site for recipes, especially their customizable recipe finder, which you can use to narrow down your search based on diet restriction, main ingredient, season, etc.

I used it last night when I decided our eggplant parmigiana needed a quick side dish. Since I try to cook with veggies that are in season, I narrowed my recipe search by Fall/Autumn; since I prefer meatless meals I chose only Vegetarian dishes. Of the 139 results meeting my criteria, I chose a side that looked super easy and didn’t require a ton of ingredients: Parmesan-Roasted Butternut Squash.

It was amazing — and it only took a few minutes to prepare, once I figured out how to peel a butternut squash!

In addition to the search options I mentioned above, you can narrow down your results by ingredient type, nationality, and a lot more. It’s a great way to experiment or use up an extra bag of potatoes you have in the back of the fridge.