The Weekday Vegetarian

I consider myself a vegetarian in spirit. I don’t crave the taste of meat, and I’m far more likely to grab a bag of baby carrots over a pack of salami while shopping at Trader Joe’s. But I do eat white meat pretty regularly, even though I’m cognizant of the detrimental environmental effects of our industrial meat production system,¬†and appreciate the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. Maybe I’m just lazy: but I need the calories and the vitamins, and getting them from the diet of a vegetarian never really worked out for me.

Graham Hill (founder of treehugger) has a proposal: let’s all be vegetarians from Monday to Friday. It starts with “Meatless Mondays;” a sort of gateway to meat-free eating for the rest of the week. It’s also the subject of his excellent TED talk {video below}. The weekday vegetarian plan is a great compromise; after all, if half of the world’s population ate half as much meat, it’d be like half of us were vegetarian.


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