For insight into the economic situation of the middle class and how today’s huge income inequality originated, listen to an excellent Radio Times interview with Jacob S. Hacker, co-author of Winner Take All Politics.

And check out one author’s take on what it would take to stop it, in an interview with Chris Hedges about his new book, the Death of the Liberal Class, embedded below.

Here’s a highlight:

Dostoevsky was obsessed with this, that’s what “Notes from the Underground” is about. It’s about the defeated dreamer; it’s about the person who went to all the Barack Obama rallies and chanted “Yes we can” and then realized that it doesn’t make any difference. And so they withdrew, underground, and laughed at all the idiots and buffoons in the Tea Party or Sarah Palin, and nursed their cynicism and self-indulgence. And Doestoevsky writes that when that happens you enter an age of moral nihilism. And I think that’s where we’re headed.

A bit heavy for Friday, eh?