Gasland Documentary

We watched Gasland last night, a film about natural gas drilling with a big focus on the industry in PA. I think documentaries are a crappy way to learn about a topic unless you already have strong background knowledge of the topic, or if the documentary is semi-unserious and apolitical. There’s just too much a director can leave out, and a ton of nuance that gets lost for the sake of entertainment.

That said: Gasland seemed like a fairly even-handed attempt. There was a lot of flaming faucets, brain damage and cases of environmental destruction. The scary part is that no one seems to give a crap about natural gas drilling in PA. There isn’t sufficient regulation, oversight or taxation in place. There’s a huge natural resource below the ground of a handful of Mideastern states—which philosophically, belongs to all of us—and it’s being extracted with little regard for the environment or the people who suffer the consequences of drilling on their land.

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Awesome Bike Mag: Boneshaker

Holy smokes!

boneshaker magazine is a collection of articles, stories and anecdotes about people and projects doing great things with bicycles. Full to the brim with photography and illustration, we hope that it will both inspire and entertain, raise awareness and bring a smile to your face…and appeal to both bike-heads and to those who may not yet even have experienced the true joy and freedom that can be found from our two-wheeled friends.

Issue no. two is for sale in the U.S. via Skylight Books; issue no. one is available as a free PDF.

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Imagining Chris Hedges as Not a Buzz-Kill

Last July I wondered what was up with Chris Hedges getting everybody down all the time:

Mr. Hedges tells me what the darker side of my conscience knows: we are doomed. The part I love and hate about his telling-it-like-it-is-ness is how he reluctantly reminds us there’s nothing we can do about it. We’re haplessly trolling around, buying this and buying that, and nobody cares. We can buy all the organic produce we want, but China will still “double their carbon emissions by 2030, from a little over 5 billion metric tons to just under 12 billion.”

Part of me wishes we would be more serious; the other part wants to sit back and make the most of it. But we truly can’t deal with too much bad news, and we’ve been conditioned into thinking there’s “something YOU can do” for so long that our sense of reality is dangerously out of whack. I think Chris Hedges’ columns are demoralizing, but if the shoes fit, lace ‘em up.

This week, Dan from the always ace mp3 blog said the gramophone helps us humanize Chris Hedges in this post: Sex with Chris Hedges.

What else can be said?