News; Coffee; Elvis Costello; Woods

I was hoping to get a post together about my quest to give up on news for you today, but I ran out of writing energy. I’m blaming it on my coffee cutback.

Instead I’m just going to post some of the tunes I’ve been into so far this year.

I’ve been in a major Elvis Costello mood since reading Nick Paumgarten’s piece on the guy in the New Yorker a few issues back. Nick traces Costello’s career, illuminating his references and roots, in an entertaining story strung together through interviews by himself and others over the years. Here’s a track from 1997, when his influence was closer to ska than Hank Williams.

Elvis Costello — “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes” {My Aim Is True}

I’ve also been preparing for next month’s Woods show:

Woods — “Rain On” {Songs of Shame}