Revisiting an interview with Tim Hetherington

Tim Hetherington, a British photo-journalist, was killed in Libya this week.

I took the time to revisit his November, 2010 interview with Marty Moss-Coane today, in which he talked about Restrepo, the film he co-directed with Sebastian Junger.

Two points stuck out at me from the interview today. The first was that Tim said he felt an obligation to cover the war in Afghanistan—as he said, his country was deeply involved in a war that would last several years, and nobody was covering it.

The second was his respect for the soldiers, and his desire to show their lives in Restrepo (a base in the Korangal Valley this platoon cobbled together and named after a fallen soldier) as they really were, without the slant of politics. Tim and co-director Sebastian Junger spent six months on the base, with no running water, electricity and bare-bones sustenance.

Tim Hetherington gave his life to bring us images of war that most of us are too scared to even imagine. Check out the official Restrepo site or watch it on Netflix.