Showing up is 99% of the struggle

One of the most difficult things about writing for me is self-doubt, and the fear that what I have to say is but a slightly modified fragment of something else’s words at best; a thoroughly unoriginal, derivative, useless hunk of junk at worst. Humans have been writing for thousands of years, what can I possibly come up with that’s the least bit original?

This issue, along with a perceived lack of time, has been plaguing a current project of mine, one I’ve been “working on” since 2004. Today I figured it out: Perhaps lots of people have an idea for a project like the one I’m working on. Maybe, like me, they’ve been “working on it” for seven years and finally gave up. They succumbed to the voice in their head complaining that it’s all been done before.

It’s not the so-called originality of the idea that matters.

The only thing separating me from other people is that I’m the one who’s actually going to do it.