Behind the scenes: New bminus logo

I’ve always wanted to play around with linocuts and woodblock printing {wikipedia}—so I decided to carve a new logo for bminus and apply it like a stamp.  I’m going to use it for tags in the stores I sell things in, and as a scanned digital image for Etsy and our site.

Here’s a look at how I put it together (learning as I go), and a preview of the final product.

It started on paper:

I kept the text in this step simple, because I knew the physical act of carving and inking would add the “grungy” roughness I wanted to end up with.

Next I transferred the text to a piece of tracing paper. Then I flipped the tracing paper over, since a stamped images gets reversed when pressed onto a surface. I went over the text with a sharp pen to transfer the image to my blank plate, then carved out the space around the words.

The blank plate:

The carved plate:



Here’s how it turned out: