That Ain’t Smart, That’s Creepy

It’s time for another edition of That Ain’t Smart, That’s Creepy, where we fast forward to bring you the latest smart phone innovations that give us pause, and make us wish we could rewind.

First up: Grandpa finally has a reason to nab that iPad he doesn’t know what to do with. The West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd, PA has recently added an interactive, tablet-based cemetery guide. Now in addition to paying your respects to the deceased, you can also bid farewell to the good ‘ol days of aimless wandering and accidental discovery you used to enjoy in the cemetery. {via flying kite}

While Grandpa searches for Grandma in Bala Cynwyd on his iThing, you can use Seattle-based Living Headstone’s grave-embedded QR code to learn more about the person six feet beneath:

The [QR] codes can be placed on tombstones so visitors can learn more about the dearly departed, leave messages for their loved ones, and record stories for others who may visit. And all you need is a smartphone and a free app to make it work.

{more via npr}

Join us next time on That Ain’t Smart, That’s Creepy for our hands-on review of WillLast—the only living will you can update on-the-go.