3 Writers x 15 Slides = 12

Great discussion about writing from sxsw back in April {daring fireball}.

In this presentation, you will see the same set of 15 slides — three times. Three different writers will walk through the same set of slides and explain their approaches to getting started, editing ideas, figuring out how to get unstuck, and understanding when they’re done. Part improv and part preparation, this presentation will give you three totally different and unexpected perspectives regarding the art of writing.

Worth a listen/watch.

New New York bike lane hate

This one must be a farce. My favorite excerpt—and let me stress—it was really, really hard to pick:

The bicycle is a parody of a wheeled vehicle—a donkey cart without the cart, where you do the work of the donkey. Although the technology necessary to build a bicycle has been around since ancient Egypt, bikes didn’t appear until the 19th century. The reason it took mankind 5,000 years to get the idea for the bicycle is that it was a bad idea. The bicycle is the only method of conveyance worse than feet. You can walk up three flights of stairs carrying one end of a sofa. Try that on a bicycle.

“Dear Urban Cyclists: Go Play in Traffic” {wall street journal}. Also available at this link if you get a subscription prompt.

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