Documenting texts

I’ve been thinking of a creative way to document my new life, as a way of processing the change and making sense of it. A lot of what I do every day involves the writing and editing of words, so what better way to document that than though the everyday words I read every day.

I’m going to start from the end, with what I see before I enter my apartment every night.



Hello cyberspace! I’m still adjusting to my new life on a normalperson schedule, and hope to get the time to post on here more frequently! I’m also working on a paper I wrote in school about the community writing center I volunteered for; it might be published in an academic journal! I made it to the third round. Pretty cool.

I’m also working on closing down bminus—nearly all of my inventory has been printed and listed on etsy; the e-blast announcing the sale goes out to our customers this Wednesday.

I feel like my life has changed a lot in the past month. It’s exciting but disorienting.