That Ain’t Smart, That’s Creepy: iPhone Museum Mashup Edition

It’s time for another installment of That Ain’t Smart, That’s Creepy: iPhone Museum Mashup Edition.

Washington, D.C. based music duo Bluebrain has released an iPhone app for the National Mall. As users approach specific proximity-based destinations in the museum, the app plays a tune composed specifically for that exact location. It’s the aural version of Field Tested Books, which is based on a version of the Heisenberg principle, which claims that your location can uniquely affect a person’s experience with both.

The musicians joined All Things Considered to talk about their project. An excerpt, taken from the transcript of the show:

Rebecca Shier: Some of those elements are pretty straightforward, like the horse sounds near the carousel. But others are more abstract, capturing instead the mood of a spot, like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Mr. R. Holladay: We want it to be the sort of thing that people want to come back and develop relationship with certain areas that they feel like might be theirs that nobody else has found this little piece of music that was tucked away.