Will the New Yorker Ever Change?

Another thought-provoking bit by Seth Godin about The New Yorker‘s famously consistent magazine design. (Pictured above: the 15¢ version of the magazine in 1925 vs. the $5.99 Sept. 12 2011 issue.)

For the first time in its history, the editors at The New Yorker know which articles are being read. And they know who’s reading them…

They also know, or should know, whether people are looking at the ads, and what the correlation is between ad lookers and article readers. The iPad app can keep track of all of this, of course.

Of course, Godin is rarely talking about what he’s talking about.  But it is interesting to consider The New Yorker‘s move to the digital world, and to ponder—however briefly and/or naively—if user data will effect the way they do their business.

The excerpts above were taken from The New Yorker archive. Used under the Please-Don’t-Sue-Me Commons.