Artists Who Make You Work Harder

You know the kind: $millionaires by age twenty-one. Inventors of life-saving drugs by age thirteen.

People who make you want to buckle down and to get to work.

Amanda Hocking’s story {npr} is like that. An excerpt:

So she quit [her job] to pursue her dream. That was in 2008, and Hocking had almost a dozen novels on her computer. She sent manuscripts to more than 50 literary agents. She got a lot of form-letter rejections back, one after another. Sorry, they’d say, it’s not the right kind of thing for us.

She wrote and rewrote, edited and re-edited, but still no one was interested in publishing her work. On a whim, she decided to self-publish a few of her books online for anyone to download. She waited.

Her books aren’t my cup of tea, but kudos for figuring this out!