Marc Hummel’s Bike-Loving Designs

Pub: Free People blog

Date: October 2009

Abstract: Interview about bminus with Free People.


FREE PEOPLE: why did you start b minus designs?
MARC: my friend leah and i came up with the idea for the “bicycles are for lovers” design while goofing around in our dorm rooms our freshman year of college. our school was in a fairly rural part of new jersey, and we both thought tandem bicycles were the coolest things on the planet. we decided to use our design to launch a t-shirt company that would eventually buy us our very own tandem!

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Marc Hummel

Marc Hummel Is Making the Grade

Pub: South Philly Review

Date: June 2010

Abstract: An article about Marc Hummel’s bicycle apparel company, bminus.


It was more of like we liked making projects together, there was a lot of creative energy there. We were having fun doing it and we wanted to be distracted from our schoolwork, and it was kind of good distraction for us,” Hummel said of his collaboration with Cipolla. [‘b minus’] was something to devote our time to, on accident, but something else would have happened anyway.

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Marc Hummel

Philadelphia Designer Marc Hummel Peddles Cycle-Centric Gear

Pub: The Examiner.

Date: June 2010.

Abstract: An article about bminus, Marc Hummel’s apparel company.


Writing is the best way to express yourself,” the 25-year-old Hummel says. “I like seeing what the kids can do. It’s powerful. I know that the writing skills in our city aren’t very good, so it lifts me up when I see the kids working on their projects and accomplishing something.”

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Marc Hummel

Introspective to a Fault

Heard a really really good conversation about the “hidden value” of introverts on WHYY’s Radio Times. The guest was Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

It made me feel a little less crazy and a lot more organized. Check out the conversation here. Seriously an amazing piece of public radio. Good host, good guest, and great callers.