Carr Cuts into Zuckerberg

Nick Carr serves it to Mark Zuckerberg in a piece criticizing the opening line of Facebook’s SEC filing, as the company prepares for its IPO later this month. Zuckerberg claims that Facebook wasn’t started as a way to generate revenue; it was started to fulfill a “social mission” of making the world a more “open and connected”.


Just look at what Zuckerberg was doing, as a sophomore at Harvard, in the days just before he created Facebook. Working selflessly at his computer in his dorm, he created a site called Facemash. It pulled photos of Harvard undergrads from other campus sites, put two of the photos side by side on a web page, and allowed people to vote for which of the two was the “hottest.” It then tallied the votes to create lists ranking students by their looks. It’s hard to imagine a more altruistic project. What Zuckerberg had already realized is that, in order to create seamless online connections between people, you have to first turn them into objects.

From “Saint Zuck” {nick carr’s blog}