This American Life Retracts Mike Daisey’s Apple Monologue

Turns out that Mike Daisey’s monologue {my post about the show}, broadcast on This American Life earlier this year, was too bad to be true. Daisey made up parts of what he saw and exaggerated others, likely so he could sell more (non-refundable) theater tickets {daring fireball}.

This American Life has aired an hour-long retraction explaining how and why they got it wrong. It’s worth a listen.

It’s a lesson in how stupid it is to exaggerate a legitimately bad situation. Now the things that Daisey reported on that were true are lost.

Bejing reporter Evan Osnos has a good concluding take on this, writing for The New Yorker:

Watching it unravel from Beijing makes me wonder: What does the debacle say about how we all look at China? Why were so many people so eager to believe it?