Rachel Maddow on Agreeing with Those You Disagree With

I’m not a Rachel Maddow fan per sé. I’m aware of her as a political presence, one whose views I likely agree with on most issues. But I get the impression that I agree with her too much, which always makes me leery.

She’s making the rounds to promote her new book, “Drift” {amazon}, about the dependence of the U.S. on war, and the lack of sacrifice we as Americans make to support those wars. She was on Fresh Air last Tuesday, and had this to say about the personal similarities between those who disagree on political issues:

I don’t believe that people who disagree in American politics are all that different from one another as humans. I mean, for the one thing, something that brings us together, no matter how much we disagree on a political issue, is that we both care about a political issue. And that’s not of every American. I mean, a lot of Americans don’t care about politics much at all. And so for those of us who are engaged in the political dialogue in the country, we already have something in common if we care enough to disagree with each other.

I think I’ll give her a show a chance.