Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

This track is what it would sound like if The Magnetic Fields and the Talking Heads started a band together.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti — “Kinski Assassin” {aac}.

From Mature Themes {spotify}.

SCOOPED: Ben & Jerry’s “Key Lime Pie”

Part of Ben and Jerry’s Limited Batch series, Key Lime Pie is “lime ice cream with a tangy lime twist, fluffy meringue swirl & pie crust pieces.”

Light and not too sweet, Key Lime Pie is a nice summertime treat. Although not light in the caloric sense—the second ingredient behind cream is water—meaning it’s the second-most prominent element {fda definition}.

The lime flavor is “subtle,” as my sister described it. However, I would prefer this to the alternative, as alluded to in the opening: ice cream that is too sweet. This isn’t the most flavorful ice cream, but it is creamy and very tasty. The pie crust pieces were lacking in the pint I tasted; but that’s more of an aesthetic preference on my part and wouldn’t have had a great effect on flavor.

The meringue bits were delicious and are the one element of this flavor I wish I had tasted more of.

All in all, I give this ice cream flavor five cones. (See scale.)

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The World’s Most Credible Typeface

Do certain fonts convey truth more than others? Is Comic Sans less credible than Palantino?

Errol Morris over at The New York Times set up an interesting experiment to address that question. First, he asked readers to evaluate the truthiness of the following excerpt, and to tell how confident they were with the accuracy of their assessment. The quiz was sold as a way of testing how pessimistic or optimistic the quizee was.

If a one kilometer asteroid had approached the Earth on a collision course at any time in human history before the early twenty-first century, it would have killed at least a substantial proportion of all humans. In that respect, as in many others, we live in an era of unprecedented safety: the twenty-first century is the first ever moment when we have known how to defend ourselves from such impacts, which occur once every 250,000 years or so.

Here’s the catch: the excerpt was displayed to randomly selected users in either Georgia, Comic Sans, Baskerville, Trebuchet, Computer Modern, or Helvetica.

Read the article to find out which typeface to use the next time you refresh your résumé!