Ball, Chain & Facebook

Interesting conversation about former Facebook employee and writer Katherine Losse’s need to occasionally disconnect from technology and Facebook in particular {salon}.

When they are “on vacation” from social media, people bask in their freedom from virtual performance, from worrying how they look in tagged photos, from having to check the computer to see whether they’ve been mentioned, messaged or “checked in” online. And perhaps most important, they enjoy the freedom to make plans and see friends in person rather than online and by mass Facebook invite.

There is something almost luxurious, now, about sitting down to a drink with a friend on a bar patio, with nothing but the summer air and early evening light between you. And yet in most cases, these Facebook breaks do not become permanent deletions.

Can’t say I get that stressed out about Facebook—maybe it’s because I’m a relatively light user—but I concur with the sentiment.

I think of it in a more long term sense, though. What does it mean that we’re constantly (subconsciously?) thinking of things to post to Facebook? Or to not post? Does it mean anything?

Another thing that surprised me about her article is that her and her friends need to deactivate their accounts in order to effectively give it up for a long period of time.

Can’t they just not check it? Is the temptation that great? I think I could ignore the site for a week, at least. Am I the outlier here?