Friday Link List

Short vacation one for ya this week.

1. Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek {the new york times}

Crazy, multi-part series about “freeskiing” in Washington state:

The very thing the 16 skiers and snowboarders had sought — fresh, soft snow — instantly became the enemy. Somewhere above, a pristine meadow cracked in the shape of a lightning bolt, slicing a slab nearly 200 feet across and 3 feet deep. Gravity did the rest.

2. The QVC Effect {fox business}

Informative and entertaining article/video/interview about my current employer:

It’s a place where if you’re lucky enough to get on, you can give your business exposure that many entrepreneurs can only dream of — and it’s all located in the small town of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Now, if you have a preconceived notion about the customer base and the items being sold on QVC, you may want to tune in because it’s surprisingly current, with guests like Jennifer Hudson and the Kardashians and brands from Apple to Ugg to Ralph Lauren.