Friday Link List

1. Edward Tufte Wants You to See Better {npr}.

Fascinating interview with the founder of infographics, Edward Tufte.

Most of my work has been secretly about trying to make people smarter. The – and it means smart both in terms of science and seeing and information and art. The science and art, at least at a high level, have in common intense seeing, bright-eyed observing and deep curiosity. And I’m starting to now surface these ideas that have been lurking in my work for so long in my project “The Thinking Eye,” which will be a book-movie. It’s going so slowly that I think books and movies will be the same by the time I get it done.


2. How did a newbie make an unapproved film in Disney parks? {la times}.

About three years ago, Randy Moore, a struggling screenwriter living in Burbank, had an out-there idea: What if he took a tiny camera and, without asking permission, began shooting a narrative movie at Disney theme parks?

…The result of Moore’s quixotic dream is “Escape from Tomorrow,” a Surrealist, genre-defying black-and-white film that was shown for the first time at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday night and that was primarily shot across the vast expanses of Disney theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim. There is Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and Space Mountain, Tiki Room and teacups, princesses and a Main Street parade. At one point, Epcot Center blows up.


3. The Amazings {via swissmiss}.

This looks like a neat idea:

We offer fun, friendly, informal, classes and courses for you to learn everything from feltmaking to joinery to journalism — directly from people with lifetime knowhow.