That Panicky Feeling in Your Stomach

Fascinating interview between writer George Saunders and his editor, Andy Ward {slate}. This part has stuck with me throughout the day today:

WARD: Do you still get that panicky feeling in your stomach when you send a story to an editor?

SAUNDERS: Yes, and I hope I always do. I think that’s a respectful way to feel. A realized piece of writing had better be taking some chances, and since the end goal is communication, there’s always the possibility that the chance you are taking won’t pay off, i.e., the little leaps of faith that you’ve programmed in might be wrong, due to some tin-ear syndrome on your part.

“That’s the respectful way to feel”—both to editor, reader and writer himself. Such an elegant way of putting it. The whole thing is definitely worth a read. Great perspective on the relationship of a brilliant team.

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