The Algorithms Behind “House of Cards”

House of Cards, the show that launched this week and was funded, produced and distributed by Netflix, is getting lots of attention in medialand.

Much has been said about the business implications {andrew sullivan} of the move, but I haven’t seen much about how Netflix chose this for their first series—until now. And yes, apparently I’m coming upon this information “almost a year” late:

For almost a year, Netflix executives have told us that their detailed knowledge of Netflix subscriber viewing preferences clinched their decision to license a remake of the popular and critically well regarded 1990 BBC miniseries. Netflix’s data indicated that the same subscribers who loved the original BBC production also gobbled down movies starring Kevin Spacey or directed by David Fincher. Therefore, concluded Netflix executives, a remake of the BBC drama with Spacey and Fincher attached was a no-brainer, to the point that the company committed $100 million for two 13-episode seasons. …

Via {andrew sullivan, again}.