That Ain’t Smart, That’s Creepy: Facebook Edition

Facebook’s financial success hinges on their ability to create the most robust digital profile of each of its users—and then sell that information to advertisers.

The most recent demonstration of their ambition: Facebook Home for Android. From an article by Om Malik {giga om; via daring fireball}:

If you install this, then it is very likely that Facebook is going to be able to track your every move, and every little action…

So if your phone doesn’t move from a single location between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. for say a week or so, Facebook can quickly deduce the location of your home. Facebook will be able to pinpoint on a map where your home is, whether you share your personal address with the site or not. It can start to build a bigger and better profile of you on its servers. It can start to correlate all of your relationships, all of the places you shop, all of the restaurants you dine in and other such data. The data from accelerometer inside your phone could tell it if you are walking, running or driving. As Zuckerberg said — unlike the iPhone and iOS, Android allows Facebook to do whatever it wants on the platform, and that means accessing the hardware as well.

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