Homophobic Tweets in Pennsylvania

Hate Speech Map

A new project by Humbolt University professor Monica Stephens displays a map of hate speech usage on twitter, adjusted for population, per U.S. county.

Host Michel Martin: […] your team pulled together every geo-coded tweet in the U.S., from June 2012 to April 2013, that contained certain keywords related to hate speech like the N-word or the F-word and people, and so forth like that…

Monica Stephens: Yeah, and then my students actually read through every single geo-coded tweet using one of these words to determine if the sentiment in the tweet was negative aimed towards that particular group or positively aimed towards that group or neutral towards that group.

The conclusion may not surprise you:  the most hate speech resides in the midwest.

Via {npr}.

Chris Hedges on the Purpose of Journalism

“When I left the United States, I was pretty much out of the country for 20 years. So I lost touch with many of those people that I had worked [with…] But it’s interesting, since I’ve come back to the United States, I teach in a prison and have been about to start again this fall and teach with inmates.

And I think part of that is because as a writer who cares about voices—and I think this is really the mark of what journalism’s golden function is within a society, giving a voice to those who otherwise, without us, would not have a voice.”

From Looking Ahead: Chris Hedges On Poverty, Politics, U.S. Culture {talk of the nation}.