Daughter {new music}

from flickr user “Michael B.” | used under the creative commons

That photo might not be the right band. But it was one of the first results when I searched for “Daughter band” on flickr and she seems a fitting face as any. (Note to future self: don’t post public pictures of my kids in band to flickr.)

Daughter is a London-based trio. Their new album is If You Leave {spotify}, but this track is from the 2011 EP, His Young Heart {spotify}.

Daughter — “Landfill” {mp3}

Via {all songs considered}.

This American Life Turns 500

Great episode of a great show.

To celebrate our 500th episode, Ira asked the producers of This American Life to talk about their very favorite moments on the show. Some chose stories that’ve been more or less forgotten for years; others chose just one line of script, or a segment that secretly made them cry. So for our 500th, we bring you the best of This American Life — the way we’ve been hearing it, behind the scenes, all these years.