Amen, Brother

William Deresiewicz on personality tests {american scholar} like Meyers Briggs, horoscopes and Ennegram:

Of course, it’s all bull­shit. The human psy­che is much too com­plex and vari­able to be reduced to such schemes, even with their inevitable foot­notes and epicy­cles. Call­ing some­one a Heal­er (or a “caregiver,” for that mat­ter) is about as use­ful as call­ing them a Capri­corn. Which is why, when I’ve spent my hour with the chakras, I return to the only thing that’s capa­ble of rep­re­sent­ing, with any kind of cogency or depth, the human soul: lit­er­a­ture. There you will find not types but indi­vid­u­als, in all their unpre­dictable unique­ness, their myr­i­ad con­flict­ing acts and motives. No order, no sys­tem—just truth.