Friday Link List

That ain’t smart, that’s creepy edition.

1. Social Media and the Peril of Looking for ‘Likes’ {rushkoff}

But it does create an oddly circular culture: Kids develop social media audiences in order to become “stars,” which really just means having enough social media followers to sell out to a brand for sponsorship. Perhaps more amazingly, none of them seem to mind. When I asked kids what they thought about “selling out” for my PBS documentary on social media, none of them could even tell me what “selling out” meant. They thought it had something to do with there not being any tickets left for a concert.

2. We Might Be Able to Predict the Future Using Social Media. But Should We? {tldr/on the media}

[Author Nathan] Kallus’s study predicts that in the future, using social media to forecast the likelihood of big events like protests could help make us all safer. It’s hard not to read that and worry a little. After all, the Mubarak regime could’ve used that same predictive technology to quash the Tahrir Square protests before they ever happened. The obvious sci-fi dystopia movie reference here is the movie “Minority Report,” which presented a world where the government targets citizens for the crimes they might one day commit.