Friday Link List: Really Short Edition

1. What’s a Penny Worth? {npr’s planet money}

The Planet Money team never ceases to amaze my with its ability to take topics that seem among the most mundane imaginable, and turn them into really interesting pieces of journalism.

Enter Episode 539:

We have three stories on the penny. First, we go on an expedition through the streets of Manhattan to find something, anything, we can buy for one cent. Next, we talk to a guy who’s betting on the government killing the penny. And finally, we visit a place where people dream of how pennies could change everything: the internet.


2. How Businesses Are Rating YOU {new tech city}

Host Manoush Zomorodi investigates how she got slapped with a bad Uber rating she wasn’t even supposed to know about. But that’s just the beginning. Just as the Fair Credit Report Act regulated the use of personal information in private businesses in 1970, privacy advocates and now the White House are calling for laws that regulate opaque consumer scoring that’s extracted from petabytes of data.

One of my favorite parts was from Bob Gellman, author of The Scoring of America {link to the whole book for free, I think?):

Everybody’s scoring everybody all the time, according to all kinds of characteristics. Do we all have to live according to a certain model in order to be treated properly in this economy?

(This episode is the second part of the episode I covered previously.)