Today is the day I try to start blogging regularly again. Let’s see how long I can go.

I used to write on this blog more. Sometimes every day!

And now, on October 23, 2017, I’m publicly declaring that I’m going to start blogging regularly, and maybe even every day again.


  • My ideas are stale. I need to get out the old ideas and make room for new ones
  • To force myself to be more observant
  • To encourage myself to check Twitter less often, since blogging will eat into what little free time I have for Twitter checking.
  • More experience writing in a non-professional setting/not for somebody else.
  • To learn how to build an audience
  • I like this bit from Seth Godin that Om Malik linked to yesterday: “Google doesn’t want you to read blogs. They shut down their RSS reader and they’re dumping many blog subscriptions into the gmail promo folder, where they languish unread. And Facebook doesn’t want you to read blogs either […] BUT! RSS still works. It’s still free. It’s still unfiltered, uncensored and spam-free.”

Ideas don’t spread like viruses: my grad-school master’s thesis

I just finished my master’s thesis!

I interviewed ten entrepreneurs, academics, and designers and asked them how ideas spread in their industry. I was trying to poke holes in the “ideas spread like viruses” paradigm, which is the primary way people think of ideas spreading these days.

I created an interactive website featuring long-form versions of three of the interviews. Check it out here.

And it’s been getting good press! Philadelphia-based entrepreneur, Christopher Wink (whom I interviewed) had this to say about it in his semi-weekly email newsletter:

Ideas don’t go viral. Or rather, that metaphor isn’t as effective as an “ecosystem,” in which a network needs to be in place and a complex chain of events needs to be followed. That’s from this master’s thesis from a guy named Marc Hummel who reached out and interviewed me last year. He’s now published that thesis online in a remarkably fun and visual way. Go look at it here, if only to see what a thesis can look like.

Check out the site here and let me know what you think!