How Whole Foods Primes You to Shop

This article about Whole Foods primed me to buy this book about tricky marketing and the way we’re manipulated to buy more stuff. I hope to have a longer post with original quotations & thoughts from the book published soon, but for now check out an excerpt from How Whole Foods “Primes” You to Buy {fast company}. It addresses the sight any grocery shopper is familiar with:

Flowers, as everyone knows, are among the freshest, most perishable objects on earth. Which is why fresh flowers are placed right up front–to “prime” us to think of freshness the moment we enter the store. Consider the opposite–what if we entered the store and were greeted with stacks of canned tuna and plastic flowers? Having been primed at the outset, we continue to carry that association, albeit subconsciously, with us as we shop.