Book Excerpts Taken from People on the Subway: Vol. 1

This is the first edition in my new series. The premise is simple.

The subway I take to work every day is packed with people.

One of my favorite pastimes is to look at what other people are looking at on their phones/Kindles. Sometimes I read along and type the words on their page into my phone as fast as I can. Since people read faster than I can type with one hand, the transcripts I’m able to record are incomplete. Here’s the first two installments in this series.

Other people

I thought with a little thump in my heart.

Another hinge untied. Concentration. Infinite caution.

And with the last bow pulled free, he reached inside, and amidst a whirring chaotic

My heart jumps sideways. She is a conjuring trick.

Her world was an aviary no larger than a living room.

Through all this the man was perfectly calm.

All at once I loved the man, and fiercely.

I grabbed the good from the box and turned to the hawk. It was the wrong bird.

This is really awkward, I began.


Gloria Allred has no hobbies and few indulgences. She doesn’t cook. (“If I cook, I could be helping someone else during that time.”)

She maintains her stamina

Without caffeine, her equilibrium without

Alcohol. She lost interest in dating a long time ago.