Friday Tab Dump: Jan. 26 2018

Friday tab dump

This story is incredible: A prison film made in prison {new yorker}

Through lockdowns and pat-downs, the filmmakers behind “O.G.” tried to capture the hopes and despair of the inmates, who played most of the roles.

Jonah Peretti: Everything is fine {columbia journalism review}

While he admits his digital-media empire has had a difficult few months, Peretti sticks to his optimism about BuzzFeed’s model and its identity as a social-first media organization in an interview with CJR.

How The New York Times is using interactive tools to build loyalty (and ultimately subscriptions) {digiday}

In recent months, the team has launched calendars to integrate into readers’ Google and Apple calendars to inform them of content produced by the paper. Later this year, it will launch a modified version of a text message experiment it ran during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Why we should be disagreeing more at work {hbr}