PSA: Firefox is faster than Chrome and you should try it out


Firefox. I know. It’s probably been awhile since you heard someone refer to Firefox as their browser of choice. But their new Quantum browser is the browser built for 2017, as Wired put it recently.


  1. Good battery conservation
  2. It’s faster
  3. Great built-in privacy measures

More from Wired:

The new Firefox actually manages to evolve the entire browser experience, recognizing the multi-device, ultra-mobile lives we all lead and building a browser that plays along. It’s a browser built with privacy in mind, automatically stopping invisible trackers and making your history available to you and no one else. It’s better than Chrome, faster than Chrome, smarter than Chrome. It’s my new go-to browser.

I’ve never been a Chrome guy. It’s ugly, drains my battery, and is made by Google—not a company that aligns with many of the things I care about (see here and here).

Safari is good, and I like how it syncs tabs and passwords across devices. But it’s sometimes noticeably slow and incompatible with ~2% of websites I visit. Not a huge number, but enough to be annoying.

I’ve been using Quantum for a couple months now, and encourage you to check it out. It’s available for Mac, Windows, PC, iOS, and probably others. It supports cross-device syncing, although you can’t set it as your default browser thanks to an annoying iOS limitation.