Friday Tab Dump: Feb. 2 2018

Friday tab dump

Toward a constructive technology criticism {columbia journalism review}

I’m still processing everything in this piece but it summarizes a lot of things I’ve been thinking about over the past couple years. An excerpt:

“A critic of literature examines a work, analyzing its features, evaluating its qualities, seeking a deeper appreciation that might be useful to other readers of the same text. In a similar way, critics of music, theater, and the arts have a valuable, well-established role, serving as a helpful bridge between artists and audiences. Criticism of technology, however, is not yet afforded the same glad welcome.”

Craft beer is the strangest, happiest economic story in America {the atlantic}


#878: Ta-Nehisi Coates {wtf podcast}

Great talk.

#138: A moat too far {exponent podcast}

“Ben Thompson and James Allworth¬†discuss Amazon Go and what it says about the economics of tech and how Amazon is building multiple monopolies.”