From the Dept. of Losing Big Things in Public Places

This is so cool.

To see where they left their bike, they can look at the map on their smartphone. Pingbell uses Bluetooth Smart to let them know if they’re getting closer or not. They can ping the bell remotely if they still can’t find their bike, and it will ring itself. The sound is rich and full rather than an electronic beep, as it is made of brass so the noise is loud and crisp. Pingbell also functions as a conventional bell if you want to ring it while cycling along, and if you don’t want it to make a noise, it can blink a light at you instead to signal its location.

Troll Target? Just Change Your Profile Pic

Mikki Kendalli {the guardian} is a writer, pop culture analyst and social commentator. And as an African American female doing that writing and social commenting, she is subjected to a ton of vitriol from anonymous Internet commenters and Twitter trolls.

She recently decided to fight back, sort of. She changed her profile picture to that of a white man. The difference was remarkable.

She didn’t change what she wrote about. She didn’t cover up her identity; she even still referred to herself as a woman. But the hateful comments stopped—for the most part.

Check out the episode {tldr} for her story and for more about how she conducted her research. (She also got some white men to change their profile pictures to black women so they could experience life on the Internet in her shoes—and the change had the effect you might expect.)

The Huffington Post for Teens

Cool new project from my internship alma mater Mighty Writers, called the Mighty Post.

From the email campaign announcing the launch:

After a test launch a few months back, we’ve been talking about the Mighty Post a lot — everything from how it should look to how it should read.

We’ve been meeting in person at 5pm every Monday at Mighty Writers, and emailing and texting about it throughout the week.

We’ve decided a lot. Things like:

  • Brighter colors are better.
  • We want our site to look like a blog, not a website.
  • We want to post what we have to say the second we think it.
  • And we want to use the @MightyPost twitter account to tell everybody what we’re doing.

Check it out here.

Heads Up 56 Up

I really want to see this.

From On the Media:

In 1964, a documentary called Seven Up! sought to illustrate Britain’s entrenched class system through the stories of 14 seven-year-olds. Michael Apted, an assistant on that film crew, ended up expanding the project into a longitudinal series: every seven years, he has directed a new documentary that revisits the characters as they grow. One of the most memorable characters from the series is Tony Walker, a London cab driver. Brooke speaks with Michael and Tony about the 2012 installment of the series, 56 Up.

And here’s the trailer: