Informative Traffic Haikus

They tried red lights, stop signs and crossing guards; nothing worked. Now the city of New York is bringing out the heavy artillery: traffic haikus. {npr}.

In a particularly colorful excerpt from the interview, artist John Morse gets worked up about the power of the project:

It’s fun because it’s dreadfully serious — the subject… And yet, you don’t have to bang people over the head.

Or do you?

And here’s a visual sample:

© John Morse/NYC DOT

The Philadelphia High Line?

high line

The NYC High Line — ©Kwong Yee Cheng

Didn’t know about this project:

The Reading Viaduct soars over the neighborhood just north of Philadelphia’s Center City… Elevated railroad tracks long abandoned and overgrown with vegetation, the Viaduct has many dreaming of a park along the lines of the High Line in New York, one of the biggest urban-renewal successes of the last decade.

Good interview with Philadelphia proponents and one of the original advocates for the NYC High Line {WHYY — Radio Times}.

I think it would be a clear win for the city to turn an abandoned structure into more green space (about 5 acres). It generated a ton of money ($millions) in new investment around the high line in NYC, so the Chinatown folks need to suck it up and get on board.