SCOOPED: Ben & Jerry’s “Key Lime Pie”

Part of Ben and Jerry’s Limited Batch series, Key Lime Pie is “lime ice cream with a tangy lime twist, fluffy meringue swirl & pie crust pieces.”

Light and not too sweet, Key Lime Pie is a nice summertime treat. Although not light in the caloric sense—the second ingredient behind cream is water—meaning it’s the second-most prominent element {fda definition}.

The lime flavor is “subtle,” as my sister described it. However, I would prefer this to the alternative, as alluded to in the opening: ice cream that is too sweet. This isn’t the most flavorful ice cream, but it is creamy and very tasty. The pie crust pieces were lacking in the pint I tasted; but that’s more of an aesthetic preference on my part and wouldn’t have had a great effect on flavor.

The meringue bits were delicious and are the one element of this flavor I wish I had tasted more of.

All in all, I give this ice cream flavor five cones. (See scale.)

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