My top 10 favorite songs of 2017

Favorite songs of 2017

I added 1,002 songs to my iTunes library in 2017.

Here are my ten favorites, in no particular order. If you like any of these, buy the album or stream them a bunch of times. Enjoy!

  1. Joseph of Mercury — Find You Inside
  2. Calvin Harris — Heatstroke
  3. Parcels — Hideout
  4. Methyl Ethyl — Groundswell
  5. Shout Out Louds — Paola
  6. Sufjan Stevens — Drawn to the Blood (Fingerpicking Remix)
  7. Big Thief — Mythological Beauty
  8. Slyvan Esso — The Glow
  9. Lawrence Rothman — Wolves Still Cry
  10. Human Heat — Slippery

Please don’t sue me. Thanks.

Unsolicited podcast recommendations

Radio tower

I’ve been writing about podcasts on this blog since 2010! But I don’t think I ever shared what podcasts I actually listen to. So here’s my unsolicited list of podcasts I currently listen to. None of the podcasts are obscure, but I think it’s an eclectic mix.

I’m breaking down the list into regular listens (I pretty much listen to every single episode) and occasional plays. All links go to their respective Overcast page.

Regular listens

  • Reply All
    • Great show “about the internet,” but always with a compelling human-interest angle. They’ve done a lot of shows related to phone scams lately.
  • All Song Considered
    • I find a new band to love in every episode.
  • Heavyweight
    • This is the new show from Jonathan Goldstein, who used to host Wiretap. This show is amazing. The last episode reunited a biker who got hit by a car, and the driver of the car.
  • Intelligence Squared US
    • Debate show in the Oxford style. Good for flexing those arguing muscles.
  • Left, Right & Center
    • Weekly political discussion/debate. Don’t think I’ve missed an episode of this podcast in 10+ years.
  • On the Media
    • The name says it all, doesn’t it?
  • Startup
    • Show about people trying to start something new.

Occasional plays

Music podcasts

These podcasts post one song/weekday. Great way to find new artists to follow. They’re also great for road trips. Just make a new playlist with a few songs, podcast, few more songs, etc.

What did I miss?

Book Excerpts Taken from People on the Subway: Vol. 1

This is the first edition in my new series. The premise is simple.

The subway I take to work every day is packed with people.

One of my favorite pastimes is to look at what other people are looking at on their phones/Kindles. Sometimes I read along and type the words on their page into my phone as fast as I can. Since people read faster than I can type with one hand, the transcripts I’m able to record are incomplete. Here’s the first two installments in this series.

Other people

I thought with a little thump in my heart.

Another hinge untied. Concentration. Infinite caution.

And with the last bow pulled free, he reached inside, and amidst a whirring chaotic

My heart jumps sideways. She is a conjuring trick.

Her world was an aviary no larger than a living room.

Through all this the man was perfectly calm.

All at once I loved the man, and fiercely.

I grabbed the good from the box and turned to the hawk. It was the wrong bird.

This is really awkward, I began.


Gloria Allred has no hobbies and few indulgences. She doesn’t cook. (“If I cook, I could be helping someone else during that time.”)

She maintains her stamina

Without caffeine, her equilibrium without

Alcohol. She lost interest in dating a long time ago.

Saintsenca {new music}

SaintsenecaLove this new album from Columbus, OH band Saintseneca.

The bass on this track reminds me of David Bazan/Pedro the lion—deep, loud, and melodic. Other tracks on the album feature guitar riffs that echo the New Pornographers. All good things, for the record.

Saintseneca — “The Awefull Truth”

Photo courtesy Treefort Music Fest {flickr}.

Oh man, the future.

This song is so funny.

Social networking replaced by social interaction, virtual reality becomes sub reality, people make money off of being good in their life in a virtual game.
(Oh man, the future!)
Humans have evolved into humans with way less hair, more brain power, and weaker bodies
We become what we thought to be aliens and we realize that we are the aliens
(Oh the future!)

De Lux – “Oh Man the Future”