What if I told you there

 was a virus that could

 erase all the memories of

your life so far?

Every friend.

Every enemy.

Every kiss.

Every fight.


In just a few short days.


image credit:  flickr user MH Cohen

What if that same virus,

in all its indifferent malevolence, made it really hard to create new memories?


Took the one true passion in your life, the one that gave you the most joy and sense of purpose, and made it all but impossible to enjoy?

and what if i told you that by the time the first symptoms appear, the damage is already well under way?

and that even young,
active, healthy people can get it,
totally out of the blue?

Well, there is such a virus.

And I got it when I was just 19 years old.

This is my story.

Part 1: what happened? [coming]

Part 2: about encephalitis [coming soon]

Part 3: TBD [coming soon]

Introduction | Part 1 | Part 2

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