The Analog Life

Cool new column by Paul Miller called Offline {the verge; via andrew sullivan}.

Miller’s giving up the internet for a year, and documenting his experiences and musings on dating, video games, music and creativity:

Some of my favorite moments over the last year have been moments of creation brought on by necessity and boredom. That time I started my sci-fi novel over from scratch the tenth time and liked it. That time I wrote a keyboard riff I really liked after hours of practice with my bandmate. Rapid prototyping screenplays with friends, making silly claymation movies with about cats and pizza, designing my own tactical RPG with Legos… it’s been a good year for my creative side.

I’m torn by this project. I think it’s interesting, and I really dig his writing style. But the whole idea seems contrived. Why would I want to read an article from a website about a dude who’s giving up doing what I’m doing right now? Seems cool at first but the banality of it all is quickly overwhelming.

And also, it’s crazy that “offline living” is a thing.