Praying for junk mail

On the bike ride to my internship this morning I thought of all the emails I might have waiting for me after a week off for the holiday. I thought of what a chore it’ll be to go through them, parsing the good from the bad, the junk from the treasure. I’d sift through countless inquiries and calls-to-action and set my priorities for the day. It was a grown-up bike ride.

Suddenly, another thought struck: what if I don’t have any emails? What if I was just getting my hopes up, fantacizing about my importance when really my Inbox is chock empty? What could be worse than that?

“Logging in mhummel.”

Alas, I had one message, dated 11/22, from a blogger who wrote a piece about Newsworks at my gentle intern-inspired prodding.

One message. Maybe I am a little bit important.