Safety in Numbers

Cool news about biking in general and in Philadelphia in particular:

As the number of bicyclists on Philadelphia streets has risen, cyclists and city officials have seen a counterintuitive result: The number of bike crashes and deaths has declined.

This “safety in numbers” phenomenon has been documented elsewhere, and safety experts believe it is because motorists become more alert to cyclists when there are more of them.

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Behind “Bikes are Bisexual”

The idea for my newest tee design came to me right after a bike ride. It just kind of spilled out. I said the phrase out loud, chuckled, paused, pondered and laughed again.

I’m still not sure what it means, but I like that the two words share the “bi.” And if bicycles could develop sexual preferences, I like to think they would be all inclusive.

To actually construct the design, I first cut out the letters with black paper and scissors. I laid them all out on the floor, picked the good ones and swapped out the weird ones:

Next, I scanned in all the letters and played around with different layouts in Photoshop…

I wanted the final design to look transparent, so I added a bunch of white dots to the letters using Photoshop’s pointillize filter….

The black and white image above is inverted on the actual screen: the white in the photo below allows ink to pass through; the gray part is the emulsion which holds back the ink when pulled.

Here’s a closeup of a portion of the design printed on an actual tee-shirt.┬áNotice how you can actually see the tee-shirt through the red ink. With each pull, the dots will “hit or miss” in a completely different way. Sometimes you’ll be able to see more shirt, through the letters, sometimes less. That’s what makes it unique!

And here’s the final product!

Bikes are Bisexual on {etsy}