Friday Link List

1. Milton Glaser Critiques the Modern Beer Label {ny times}

Sort of misses the whole the-craft-beer-asthetic-was-born-out-of-the-crappy-labels-home-brewers-put-on-their-home-brews thing, but an interesting page nonetheless.

On the Dogfish Head 90 Minute:

“The surface of this is so unpleasant. It sort of looks lumpy, like food that has gone bad. To me, this is antithetical to the idea of refreshing taste. Even though this violates assumption, it still doesn’t create a sense of anticipation about drinking it.”

Via {huckberry}.

2. The Evolution of the Bicycle in 60 Seconds {treehugger}

The Revenge of the Bike Thieved

This guy is one proactive victim:

In 2006, thieves stole writer Patrick Symmes’ bike in broad daylight on a crowded, New York City street. This inspired Symmes to set out to catch a bike thief — any bike thief.

He tells the tale of this revenge-fueled, cross-country journey in the Outside magazine piece “Who Pinched My Ride?” The story is filled with GPS trackers, police stakeouts and undercover stings in what Symmes describes as “the dangerous underworld of vanished bicycles.”

Story has lots of good advice on keeping your bike safe and some good caller stories. Worth a listen.

Read more: Seeking Revenge in the ‘Underworld’ of Bikes {npr}.