Friday Link List: App Edition

1. CyclePhilly hopes to record biking patterns to help plan bike lanes {technically philly}

To use the app, a rider starts the route, bikes to their destination and hits save. Then they’ll be prompted to record the purpose of the trip, such as a work commute, going to school or social. Their personal routes are stored on the device and a copy of the route they took is uploaded to CyclePhilly servers to be analyzed by planning authorities.

Unfortunately, I won’t be using the app, because an iPhone can only track one activity at a time, and I already use RunKeeper to track my rides.

You should use it though.

2. Recording the Global Soundscape {science friday}

Inspiring new app:

What is the sound of your local environment? How does it make you feel? How will it sound in the future? Ecologist Bryan Pijanowski is looking to answer these questions and create a soundscape of every ecosystem on the planet through the Global Soundscapes project.

3. Not on App Store

Smug hipsters are awful, especially when they plaster the real world with expressions of their smugness.

Via {today in tabs by rusty foster}

4. How We Love {ted radio hour}

I know I know. Just listen to it.

Safety in Numbers

Cool news about biking in general and in Philadelphia in particular:

As the number of bicyclists on Philadelphia streets has risen, cyclists and city officials have seen a counterintuitive result: The number of bike crashes and deaths has declined.

This “safety in numbers” phenomenon has been documented elsewhere, and safety experts believe it is because motorists become more alert to cyclists when there are more of them.

{via atrios}